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If you purchase a Genesis car from Rosen Genesis at 789 S Randall Road, Algonquin, IL 60102, you're not just driving home an ordinary vehicle. Your driving home a premium sedan that is sophisticated, desirable and luxurious, built by a company that is focused on innovation and performance and geared towards the future. It's a rare breed of sedan that embodies the optimum evolution of form and function and the perfect marriage of elegance and distinctively satisfying driving experience. With a Genesis, you have something that is truly special!


Every Genesis comes with an efficient powertrain that provides a genuinely dynamic performance. Acceleration is always smooth and responsive and in tune with the driver and his intentions. This innovative performance capability allows the Genesis to maintain a perfect harmony between speed and refinement, and power and responsiveness. And if you want to experience an exhilarating driving experience, Genesis has enough power and sports performance capabilities to satisfy your desires.


Beautifully proportioned to maintain its signature rear-wheel-drive proportions, Genesis cars command attention on the road with their unmistakable design language. Engineers and car designers of the prestigious brand have put great emphasis on detail and the result is an unrivaled level of refinement that reflects a modern and timeless appeal.



Upon opening its door, Genesis welcomes you to a sanctuary of comfort, convenience, and relaxation. Its remarkably quiet cabin guarantees a peaceful and pleasant ride no matter how long the drive. And from button location, to tactile response, and overall interior design, every aspect of the Genesis has been built to provide the best comfort and convenience possible. What's more, Genesis delights the senses with deluxe, sumptuous textiles such as Nappa leather and authentic wood trim.


Advanced High Strength Steel and intuitive safety technology offer optimum protection to both drivers and passengers alike. A powerful, linear braking system guarantees peace of mind even at top speeds while Lane Departure Warning (LDW) prevents you from over speeding in civilian pedestrian lanes. Intelligent features like Blind Spot Detection meanwhile, notifies you of a potential collision with an incoming object and Lane Change Assist warns you if a vehicle is approaching rapidly from the rear.


If you are looking for a Genesis dealer near me that will help you drive home that Genesis that you have always dreamed of, Rosen Genesis at 789 S Randall Road Algonquin, IL 60102 is the name you can trust. With straightforward financing options and budget-friendly deals, the Genesis dealer will help you get the Genesis vehicle that you deserve. For more on Rosen Genesis, the Genesis models for sale near me, and its current deals and offers call (844) 327-7866 today!


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